Sweet Pea Bakery
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About Sweet Pea Bakery

Sweet Pea Bakery, your friendly neighborhood bakery located in Arroyo Grande, was first founded in 2013 by Kelli “Sweet Pea” Smithback. After years of refining her culinary skills and developing her own unique twists on classic baked goods, Kelli opened the doors of Sweet Pea Bakery to the world. Since then, the bakery’s acclaimed pastries and morning buns have won the heart of the California central coast.

In 2018, Kelli passed along Sweet Pea’s legacy to Mikaela and Nikola. With a culinary background and love of baking, Mikaela has always dreamed of owning and operating her bakery. Nikola was one of Sweet Pea’s very first employees and has several years of experience as a barista. Both Mikaela and Nikola are excited for the future of Sweet Pea bakery, and together they look forward to bringing you the delicious baked goods and rich coffee you have come to love.