Let Them Eat Cake Photoshoot

Today I had the priviledge of providing some teatime treats for a photo shoot that took place at the Dana Powers House.   The theme for the tea was 'Let them eat cake" and the color of the day was most certainly pink.   I made a small coconut cake, some macarons and some white chocolate strawberries.

Pink roses from Judi's beautiful garden

My mom went and picked some strawberries at Rutiz Farms and
I drizzled them with a little white chocolate and sprinkled a
few with some coconut.  Jerry at Rutiz Farms has the best
strawberries in the world!

And here is where the adventure begins...
I like my cakes to taste good so I refuse to use fondant or 
Crisco frosting .  I frost my cake with cream cheese frosting
and then coat it liberally with coconut.  Normally, not a
problem because I keep them refrigerated.  Today, however
was a different story.  Today I learned that warm days and
cakes with cream cheese frosting aren't the best match.
As the shoot was getting set-up the sides of the cake
started falling- coconut and all.  We patched it up the
best we could but it was definitely not as pretty as
when it arrived.  Lesson learned!

I had made  edible white chocolate cameos which we didn't  end 
up using but I like how sweet and girly they look so I
am sure I will make them again for a future project.