Cop Cookies-The Genesis of a New Cookie

A while ago I had an idea to create a pair of cookies
called cops and robbers.  While looking for inspiration for the
cop cookie, of course the first thing that came to mind is 
coffee and doughnuts

So, in between batches of caramel and biscotti,  I
played around with some cookie doughs,adding
coffee  and mixing in  chocolate covered cheerios
that looked like little donuts.

Cute little buggers.

After adding a few sprinkles to reinforce the donut theme,
I ended up with prototype #1, pictured above.
Prototype #1 looked a little strange, but more importantly,
didn't have much to offer other than being sweet.
Back to the drawing board.

I started thinking of other things associated with the police 
like this old black and white  police car.

It also came to mind that policemen are
often called "men in blue"

By the way, Do you know how the blue police uniform
came about?  Apparently it all started in London.  In 1829
they instituted the first modern police force and chose
dark blue uniforms to differentiate them from their military
which wore red and white uniforms at the time. New
York City was the first to copy this idea in 1853, with 
many other US police forces following suite.

NOW, back to the cookies...
I decided to take my original idea of a coffee
laced cookie and incorporate the black, white
and blue elements.  So, I nixed the little donuts and
added chocolate chips and white chocolate chips 
to represent the black and white police car and
dried blueberries for the 'men in blue'.
This was Prototype#2 tasted good
but was flatter than a pancake.

After tweaking the flour and sugar ratios this week, I
came up with Prototype#3, which looks good 
and I think has a very nice and interesting flavor,
but I will let my customers decide whether the 'copper' is 
a 'keeper'.  I will have this cookie and many others available
at my stand this week.  And now for those robber cookies......