Crazy About Vanilla

     I am absolutely crazy about vanilla extract.  So crazy, I have a whole closet full of the
 delightful elixir.  You see, I don't want to run out of it-ever.  And since almost all of my
pastries contain generous amounts of vanilla, the danger is real.  Not only do I need large
quantities of vanilla, I need it be really high quality, so-- I make it myself.

I use only Madagascar vanilla beans and vodka for my vanilla extract,
no sweeteners or other add-ins.  

I buy nice, plump vanilla beans in bulk

Then I cut up the beans, put them in glass jars and fill 'em up with vodka.
After steeping for several months I have a supply of wonderful
vanilla extract to use in my creations.

Soon, I hope to be able to offer my vanilla extract for sale at
my stand so others who are crazy about vanilla can enjoy it too!