Caramel Cashew Cookies

I have been dreaming of creating  something with caramel and cashews
 for quite a while.   Recently, lightening struck in the form of a vintage 
recipe I came across while browsing the web.   The original cookie
from 1976 was called the Dutch Caramel Cashew Cookie.  This   
 cookie, with shards of homemade praline, was just the right base
 to get me started on my quest.  With some updates and Sweet Pea
 Bakery enhancements, it  became just the cookie I was looking for:
 sweet, salty and chewy.

The cashew praline is made and left to cool and harden.
(Thank you Silpat!)

The nutty dough is topped with chunks of praline

And here it is just out of the oven a buttery chewy cookie
with little pockets of caramel and nuts-Delightful!