About Sweet Pea and her Bakery

I am a recent college graduate from Sonoma State University, though I was brought up here in Arroyo Grande. After about two years of following general eds and trying to figure out whether or not I wanted to be an actress or a computer engineer or a creative writer, when it hit me that I love baking, so why not follow that dream. SSU isn't renowned for its culinary arts program, so I decided to major in Business Administration with a concentration in management while still experimenting at home with different recipes.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to offer my baked goods at Rutiz Family Farms in Arroyo Grande. Because of my close dealings with such a fresh source of produce, I try to incorporate a lot of seasonal flavors. My style of baking is to focus on freshness and flavor, while adding a rustic appeal. Even my specialty of macarons, tend to be rustic as I love the effect and fullness of flavor of using the whole nut.

I rent a commercial kitchen from Eclair Bakery and everyone there has been very kind and encouraging for me to start my business. I have a manager's health certification (required for anyone running a commercial kitchen, and it fulfills the requisite for food handler's safety), a Fictitious Business Name License (for accepting payment for "Sweet Pea Bakery"), I rent from Eclair which has a health permit, I have a catering business license (this allows me to go to Farmers Markets, special events and also sell to commercial businesses), and insurance.