Find Sweet Pea

I'm located on the Central Coast of California, mainly Arroyo Grande.
Although I use Eclair bakery's commercial kitchen, I do not sell there. I would not want to compete with the products Jeremy is already selling, and prove myself ungrateful for being allowed to rent his space. So what happens is, I go in laaaaaaate at night to get the bakery all to myself, then I leave eeaaaarly in the morning with all of my goodies, to take them to the markets.

The markets I'm currently in are as follows:
Wednesdays: from 8:30-11am at the Farmer's Market in the Smart N Final parking lot in AG (used to __                  be Spencers, off of Grand Avenue, by Applebee's). In this market my menu is mainly ___                breakfast pastry
Fridays: from 1pm-6pm at Rutiz Family Farm located off of The Pike in Arroyo Grande. Here you will find the biggest assortment of baked goods I produce, from cobblers to cookies, to morning buns, and occasionally brioche. Every week my menu changes slightly, so it is a bit fun just to pop in to see what I have.

Saturdays: from 12-2:30pm at the Arroyo Grande, to this market there is also an assortment of baked goods I produce, however, the variety is not as immense as Fridays. The things you can pretty much count on me having are the Chocobloc cookie, and, of course, my specialty scones.
Farmers Market at 215 East Branch Street in the Old Village. 

For the rest of the week, you can contact me for special requests via my email: or my phone number: 805 440 3456

Hopefully soon I'll be able to open up a cute little shop.